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Frequently Asked Questions
Are you working on a new Kolmar book?
How come your website is so out of date?
It isn't, thanks to Hans the wonderful. (Awww, Elizabeth, you make me blush! Edited by Hans: the old elizabethkerner.com site is gone now, so delete your bookmarks and bookmark this site because this one will get the news!)
Can I be a reader for your latest new book/read your manuscript before it is published? 
The simple answer is 'no'. I am bound by my contract with my publisher not to make the material available before it is published. And I thank you for your offer, but I already have several critical readers on whom I depend. Several of them are published authors, and all but one are friends of more than twenty years' standing, whom I trust and who have no need to spare my feelings!
Will you read my book/play/fanfic and tell me how to get better?
No, that's the job of a friend. Find an English major, or a high school or college English teacher, and ask for their help. They are usually more than willing to be of assistance, for a small fee! Read a few books on writing, if you want to, but mostly, just keep writing. It's the only way to improve, really.
Importantly, though, I "must not" read other fantasy novels, especially by unpublished authors. There is such a thing as unconscious plagiarism, and I would hate to think that, even unconsciously, I might steal an idea from you.
As for fanfic: please, PLEASE don't send me fanfics based on my books. Really. Don't. I know these characters inside and out, I knew them for twenty years before Song in the Silence was published, and you will undoubtedly write something that will really upset me. Don't publish them on the web, either, that's into dangerous "intellectual property" territory. Feel free to send them to your pals, but don't even think about charging for them or the guys with the good suits from Tor will be knocking on your computer. Soon. Besides, if you enjoy writing, make up your own characters! You will find it vastly more fun than being limited by what you think would happen to people and places out of my imagination. Your own is obviously good enough to be getting on with!
The easiest way to contact me is by making an entry in my guestbook.

You can mail me(by clicking the email icon to the right) but I am a busy person and if mail loads get heavy answering my fanmail may take quite some time.