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My English language Tales of Kolmar books are published by Tor books in hardcover and paperback versions.
Tales of Kolmar series
Song in the Silence
Tor Fantasy, February 1997
Lanen Kaelar has spent her life being told just how wrongheaded and foolish she is: first by a bitter father who tells her she won't find a husband because she's too big, too strong, too plain, and then by relatives who tell her she is a dreamer with her head in the clouds.
Upon her father's death, Lanen chooses to search out the reat dragons she has dreamed of all her life. She will travel dangerous roads, cross tempestuous seas, and evade enemies both human and otherwise. What she seeks may not be real. And if it is, it may be dangerous for all. For those who made the true power of the world know that prophecies have been told of Lanen Kaelar since before her birth. They fear the destiny she may fulfill, the mysteries she may unravel, and the strange and terrifying love she may find on the legendary Dragon Isle.

Cover art by Peter Bollinger


The Lesser Kindred
Tor Fantasy, January 2001
Wiser and more fulfilled than she ever thought possible, Lanen returns home, with a husband who is more than he seems and a chance at hapiness.
But shortly after their homecoming that happiness is threatened by the demon-master Berys, who, once having learned of Lanen's existence, is determined to capture the woman he feels is the key to his domination of her homeland.
It is not supposed to be this way. Young lovers are entitled to happy endings. That's what all the old tales tell us. But Lanen finds that the best adventures are those that have already been lived through and retold around a warm fire long after the scars of the tale have faded. Happy stories are certainly no match for a mage's wiles, and so Lanen and her husband must flee.
On their journey they will discover new friends and old enemies, make some startling discoveries... and stumble upon a truth that will change the world.
Lanen never claimed to be a heroine, but she will have to become one now. And her actions could spell the salvation of an entire race, but at the cost of all she holds dear.

Cover art by Stephen Hickman


Redeeming the Lost
Tor Fantasy, June 2004
Their island home destroyed, the Kantri are forced to return to their ancient  lands in Kolmar, where a terrible evil befell their race long ages since, and where the current residents remember them only as figures in old songs, as monsters to be feared.  They bring ancient power and knowledge and have come to see what the Gedri, the humans they left behind, have made of their world.
Much of what they find distresses them.  The only dragons the Gedri know are creatures the size and (they think)  the intelligence of cattle.  Humans have squandered much of their heritage, and those few who do remember the ancient ways have allied themselves with the race of demons who long to destroy all the world.
The Kantri, exhausted and disturbed by the rise of demons, look to Varien and Lanen to help them redeem what was lost and make the world right again.
But Lanen is captured by the human demon-master Berys, who seeks to corrupt the ancient prophecy. He plans to use Lanen's newfound powers to gain control of the very fabric of the universe, secure the demon forces of the otherworld, and rule forever.
It is up to her true love, Varien, and one of the most unlikely alliances ever seen to rescue Lanen. However, the fates of Lanen and the Kantri are not all that hang in the balance. For the stage is set for a confrontation between the forces of light and darkness, and if the good fail, not only will the Kantri fall, but the human world will be doomed as well.

Cover art by Stephen Hickman


Song in the Silence (young adult edition)
Tor /Starscape, March 2003
Lanen Kaelar has dreamed of dragons all her life, and bee mocked for it just as long.  Everyone else now believes that dragons are just a silly myth, a legend.
But Lanen knows better, and she means to prove it. One day she sets out on a dangerous voyage to the remote West to find the land of the True Dragons.
What she discovers is a land of real dragons more beautiful -- and surprising -- than any dream she could ever have imagined.

Cover art by Kuzhiko Sano


The Russian translations of the Tales of Kolmar are published by publisher. At this moment (2008) only the first two volumes in the Kolmar series are available.
Eho drakonjih kryl (Song in the Silence) - Legendy Kolmara 1
Эхо драконьих крыл

Она слышала Зов неведомого - но считала это сном... Она видела в мечтах драконов - но ее называли безумной... Сон оказался ЯВЬЮ, безумие - РЕАЛЬНОСТЬЮ, а девчонка с заштатной фермы - дочерью могущественного мага и нареченной невестой Короля Истинных Драконов. Однако отец ее служит ЧЕРНОЙ МАГИИ - и еще до рождения дочери обрек ее в жертвы одному из сильнейших демонов Тьмы... И теперь лишь магия Драконов в силах спасти невесту Короля!

Maly drakoniy rod (The Lesser Kindred) - Legendy Kolmara 2
Малый драконий род

Она слышала Зов неведомого - но считала это сном... Она видела в мечтах драконов - но ее называли безумной... Сон оказался явью, безумие - реальностью, а девчонка с заштатной фермы - дочерью могущественного мага и нареченной невестой Короля Истинных Драконов. Но ныне ее супруг закован в человеческом теле - и лишился возможности принимать драконье обличье. Теперь он не в силах защитить от темных сил чернокнижника Бериса ни себя, ни жену, ни их будущего наследника. Остается одно - отыскать и призвать на помощь затерянный, проклятый Меньший род Драконов...